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Three Steps To Living
A Fit-Rich Life
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Secret 1
How To Build A MindSet That Eliminates Thinking You Can't And Fortifies Knowing You Can. These are the techniques we have used to Run Ultramarathons, Create A Lifestyle Brand and Buy Tons Of Real Estate.
Secret 2
How the super elite continue to find Ways to succeed even when the odds stack up against them. Learn the highly effective habits of the super successful we have learned interviewing over 300 top performers.
Secret 3
What it takes to Do What You Say You Are Going To Do and apply this to all aspects of your Daily Life! How To Make Money Doing What You Love and Find That Passion Through These Steps.
** PLUS - HUGE bonus: just show up on the webinar LIVE and we will GIVE you our Time Blocking Calendar To Allow You To Focus First On What's Needed to Win!
About Your Hosts
Jason & Pili Yarusi
Life Fulfillment Strategists
Jason and Pili Yarusi are active real estate syndicators buying apartment buildings across the country while helping others achieve success by building the right mindset, helping discover the proper tools and getting the action to happen!

Jason and Pili have three beautiful children and two hungry bulldogs and met working on a barge back in 2003, which is a whole other story. Through thick and thin, Pili and Jason have created the life they desired by going against the grain to find their ideal life building businesses they love all while growing their young family.
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